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E-Tendering Solution

What is e-Tender ?

  • Internet based complete tendering process.
  • From  advertising to receiving and submitting tender-related info are done online.
  • More efficient as paper-based transactions.
  • Reduces tendering cycle time .
  • Reduces most of the indirect costs.

  • Benefits of Tendering Authority:

  • Completely Automated Process
  • Shortens Procurement Cycle
  • Economical and Environment Friendly
  • Greater Transparency
  • Improvement in work culture in the departments
  • Helping System Evaluation process
  • On the fly reports (Comparatives statement )
  • Minimize Human errors
  • Minimal Storage Spaces
  • Change in Perception – Progressive Organization
  • Lesser trouble of communication and administration

  • Benefits to Suppliers/Contractors:

  • Anytime & Anywhere Bidding
  • Fair, Free and Fearless participation for vendors.
  • No dependence on Newspaper, Courier, Banks,…
  • Zero Administrative trouble
  • Can carry out all activities from any computer
  • Economical – saving on Traveling cost
  • Reduces efforts & cost of bidding
  • No tenders can be missed because of distance
  • Can submit bid on last minute
  • Manual Vs E Tendering System

    Manual Tendering System
    • Longer Procurement Cycle
    • Expensive
    • Paper Based Procurement
    • No work on Holidays
    • Space Wastage to store bids
    • Prone to Human errors
    • Content not sharable
    • Physical Security
    • Not retrievable
    • Restricted Mobility
    • Ideal till 2003
          E - Tendering System
    • Shorter Procurement Cycle
    • Economical – Fixed Cost
    • Internet based Procurement
    • Bidding possible on Holidays
    • Lifelong storage on CD
    • Automated & Accurate process
    • Shareable Content
    • Foolproof Security
    • One click access to bids
    • Anytime – Anywhere Bidding
    • For year 2004 & Beyond
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